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Day 2 – The Highlands and Loch Ness

We drove into the Highlands today.  It was a beautiful countryside that our guide said gets even better in the summer when all the grasses turn green and the flowers bloom.  We had an unusually sunny morning in Scotland (even though it was still a little hazy) which meant we got to stop for several photo opportunities along our journey.  We traveled north from Glasgow along the various Lochs (Lakes) including the famous Loch Ness.  We learned that it’s 25+ miles long, 860 feet deep in it’s deepest point, and ranges between 30 and 60 degree fahrenheit!  The water is black from all of the minerals that run off the peat moss when it rains.  It went from warm and sunny in the morning to cloudy, windy and cold when we went on our Loch Ness cruise.  Look through the pictures and you’ll even see a sighting of “Nessie”, the Loch Ness monster!

After the cruise we headed north through Inverness toward our hotel.  A little piece of trivia…”Inver” means “mouth of”, so Inverness is the “Mouth of Ness”.  There are various other “Inver” towns for the various rivers and lakes.  Our hotel is in Nairn, Scotland on the northern shores where Scotland meets the North Sea.  I’ll post more in the morning on our dinner and Highland entertainment in the morning along with pictures but for now I’ve got to get some sleep.  Here’s a hint of things to come…our evening included haggis and John dancing.  If that doesn’t make you come back tomorrow I don’t know what will!

The pre-dinner photos are available at