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Day 2 – Breakfast in Glasgow – April 28

The morning was harder on us this morning than yesterday.  I had a hard time getting to sleep last night – the room was hot, I wasn’t as tired as I thought I’d be, and I think I was dreading having to get up at 6 am.  The morning came too early but we got up and got to breakfast by 7:15 am.  We sat next to a retired couple from Austin, TX named Robert and Susan.  For breakfast they offered cereal, porridge, fruit, yogurt, meats, haggis, potato scones, hash browns, and, of course, BAKED BEANS!  Grandma Burns knows how much I love those and of course I had some for breakfast.  I also had porridge with brown sugar and honey, hash browns, bacon, and other yummy stuff.  I tried haggis yesterday and it wasn’t awful but really didn’t have much of a taste so I think I’ll check that off my list and be done with that experience.

Mom is having fun and, of course, she’s driving me crazy!  She feels the need to turn off all the lights and return her room key like she thinks that the hotel is going to go under if she doesn’t do those things!  She gets a bit dippy when she’s tired, too.  I’ve been sure to make her feel at home by giving her a hard time when she says goofy things at night so we’ve been having lots of good laughs.  She’s very angry that we’ve yet to stay in a hotel that offers Fox News.

Today we’re off to Loch Lomond and Loch Ness.  The chef at the restaurant this morning said that Nessie won’t be there this time of year because she’s on holiday.  He said his mother-in-law fills in for Nessie though so we may see her there.  We’re driving along the M8 (main highway) and there are pretty hills in the distance.  I believe we’re going to spend some time in the highlands today as well.  When we reach the hotel in Nairn, we’re supposed to have highland entertainment (bagpipes, etc.) during dinner.

Today we’re hoping to do lots of skiving (Scottish slang for goofing off) 🙂  More updates later today.