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Day 5 – Ferry from Scotland to Ireland and the Titanic Museum

Our 5th day of the trip we had to get up early to get on the road in order to make it to the ferry on time.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect but it turned out to be awesome!  The ferry service is through a company called StenaLine.  Their ship reminded us of a smaller cruise ship – it wasn’t that much smaller though!  Our tour bus pulled in and there were huge tractor trailers, cars, other buses, motorcycles, and campers on there.  We went up the stairs and it went from a floating parking garage to a cruise ship!  There was a restaurant, spa, shopping, lounge areas, a kid’s play area, arcade, movie theater, and other cool stuff.  It was a great way to pass a couple hours.  I looked up the pricing and it wasn’t too bad at all if you’re ever looking at touring Scotland and Ireland.  They ferry to other locations as well.  We ate lunch on the ship and then when the time came, we got back on the bus and drove off onto Ireland!

Shortly after pulling off the ferry, we pulled up to the Titanic museum.  It just opened in 2012 on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s voyage.  The building was built to be as tall as the ship would have been and it put things in perspective.  The experience was very interactive and it taught us a lot.  The building is built on the spot where the Titanic was originally constructed.  Outside of the building, steel poles stand where the frame was erected to build the ship.  I went out and walked some of that space to get a feel for just how big the ship was and to take some pictures.  We would highly recommend any visitors to Belfast to visit the museum.

When we left the museum, we got on the road toward Dublin.  Mom enjoyed looking at the countryside and listening to our guide.  I’m still not adjusted to the time yet and fell asleep on the road.  On our way, we stopped at a gas station that had a Burger King inside.  I have been craving some ice cream and Burger King had something similar to a McFlurry that had Kit Kats in it.  I went right up and bought one.  As I was finishing the ice cream, someone else from the tour was walking around with hand scooped ice cream that was made locally in Ireland.  Of course, I couldn’t pass that up so I had to get some of that too!  Back on the road toward the hotel.

As we drove through Dublin, we could see that the tide was out and the level that it dropped was amazing.  Our guide said the difference between low and high tide is around 14 feet!  It left hundreds of yards of “beach” exposed that would be covered completely by water when the tide came in.  We sat through some traffic and then pulled up to the Royal Marine Hotel.  It’s a beautiful hotel right on the Irish Sea.  We were on our own for dinner tonight so after calling home we decided to go downstairs to the pub in the hotel for dinner.  I had Fish and Chips and Mom had a club sandwich.  I’m pretty sure it had bacon on it and she loves that here.  It looks more like a slice of ham and is pretty salty, which she loves.  We’re going to get some rest tonight and we don’t have to be out of the room until 7:45 tomorrow!  We’re touring Dublin tomorrow and going on a cruise.

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