Day 2 – Dinner and Highland Entertainment

At the end of the day on Monday we arrived at the Newton Hotel in Nairn, Scotland.  The current structure was built in 1650 and looked very castle-like.  The architecture was very neat.  We took our stuff to our room and changed for our dinner.  We met down in the bar and were escorted to the dining room.  There we had a scotch broth soup with vegetables which was very good.  Our second part to the meal was a patty of haggis, with a sort of mashed potato on top, and a turnip patty on top of that.  It was served with a sauce drizzled on top.  The parts of the dish all blended well and it was very good.  We both cleaned our plates and there’s a picture of Mom with her empty plate in the photos.  For our main course we had a moist chicken breast with vegetables.  Mom started to run out of steam about halfway through her dinner so I made sure it didn’t go to waste.  Dessert included a shortbread cookie and a mouse with raspberries.

Following dinner, we were led to a room with a dance floor for our evening of Highland entertainment.  There we were introduced of an entertainment group that included a man playing an accordion, a bagpiper, and two 12 year old girls who danced traditional Scottish dances.  The accordion player would give the history of the song or dance and they all did a great job performing.  Toward the end, he asked for volunteers to get up and do the dance the girls were doing.  As one of the youngsters on the trip, I was nominated to dance.  Another lady from the tour named Karen volunteered to try the dance as well.  We tried our best but I fear we butchered the dance.  We also were worn out trying for 2 minutes what those girls had been doing all night.  Sorry, no pictorial or video evidence of that adventure.  Mom and I enjoyed the entertainment and took some pictures with the entertainers at the end.  We headed back to the room and got to sleep around 11:30 pm.  We had to be up and out to breakfast by 7:00 am for another fun-filled day.

Photos from dinner and Highland entertainment are at